Anniversary of the Institute of Physics 2022

13. May 2022.

The Institute of Physics, Belgrade celebrated its 61st anniversary in its garden, at the banks of the Danube, on Thursday, 12 May 2022. ‘After three years, we have gathered again to mark the day of the Institute’, said Dr Aleksandar Bogojević, recalling that in the previous three years, this traditional ceremony had not taken place due to the COVID-19 epidemics. Employees and guests of the Institute attended this year’s ceremony in the so-called Garden of Physics.

Addressing the audience, Dr Bogojević evoked how crises such as the one behind us, as well as those that would come, represented a challenge for institutions, but at the same time, they could be an opportunity for new development. The director also emphasized that the Institute of Physics had maintained a remarkable level of scientific production in recent years, attracting a record number of projects and retaining the status of one of the leading scientific institutions in Serbia.

The Institute of Physics, Belgrade was founded on 6th May 1961, by a decree of the then Government of Serbia, having been preceded by accelerated development of this science in post-war Yugoslavia. In the following six decades, the Institute went through various development phases, considerably contributing to further advancement of physics and related fields, as well as the international renown of our researchers. In 2018, the Institute became the first national institute of the Republic of Serbia, the status which was reaccredited this year.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the Annual and Student Prizes were traditionally presented to Jakša Vučičević, PhD, and Ana Milosavljević, PhD, before the ceremony. As part of the programme marking the day of the Institute, the recipient of the Annual Prize, Dr Vučičević, delivered an interesting talk in which he showcased numerous intriguing findings, after which the traditional cocktail took place in the garden of the Institute. 

Photo by: Bojan Dzodan/IPB