Annual and Student Award of the Institute of Physics for 2023

31. May 2023.

On Tuesday, May 30, 2023, the Annual and Student awards were traditionally awarded at the ceremony marking the Institute of Physics Belgrade anniversary. Prizes are awarded for scientific work representing a significant contribution to a specific field of physics and for the best doctoral dissertation completed at this institution and defended in the previous year.

The annual prize for scientific work was awarded to Dr. Bojana Višić by the jury, for her significant contribution in the field of synthesis, characterization and spectroscopy of inorganic nanotubes and other nanomaterials. The award consists of a plaque, a diploma and a sum of money equal to three average salaries at the Institute.

As stated in the jury’s explanation, Dr. Višić’s work on the topic of synthesis and characterization of tungsten suboxides is especially noteworthy in the previous two calendar years. Namely, Dr. Višić, as further stated, made a definite breakthrough in understanding the stoichiometry and optical properties of as many as four different systems from this group. In the period from 2021 to 2022, Dr. Višić published six scientific papers (category M21:3, M22:3) with a total impact factor of 22,961, and the highest IF has a paper published in 2021 in the journal Nanomaterials. Dr. Višić’s works were cited a total of 109 times during the last two calendar years.

The student prize was awarded to Dr. Sanja Đurđić Mijin for her doctoral dissertation entitled “Inelastic Light Scattering on Quasi-Two-Dimensional Materials”. The award consists of a plaque, a diploma and a sum of money equal to one average salary at the Institute.

Dr. Sanja Đurđić Mijin has been employed at the Center for Solid State Physics and New Materials of the Institute of Physics Belgrade since February 2018. She enrolled in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade in October 2018. She prepared her doctoral dissertation under the mentorship of Dr. Nenad Lazarevic, and she defended it on March 10, 2022. The jury awarded her the award, as stated in the press release, appreciating the quality of the results obtained, the candidate’s personal contribution, the quality of the written doctoral dissertation, as well as the fact that the results presented in the doctorate have a significant impact on fundamental and applied research.

The members of the jury that decided on this year’s awards are Dr. Jakša Vučičević, Dr. Igor Franović and Dr. Branislav Cvetković, and the president of the Scientific Council, Dr. Nenad Lazarević, presented the awards to the laureates. After the ceremonial announcement of the laureate, the winner of the Annual Award traditionally gave a lecture in which she presented the topics she is currently working on and the results she achieved in the previous two years.