Cultural heritage protection

14. June 2024.

How can physics, its methods and new materials contribute to the protection of cultural heritage? An important and fascinating project is currently underway at the Institute of Physics Belgrade in cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Arts, which is helmed by Dr Tijana Tomašević Ilić of the Laboratory for 2D Materials of the Institute. Among other things, the project explores the potential of nanotechnology in cultural heritage preservation – new ultrathin films that can provide a universal solution for a wide range of artefacts are being tested. Titled ‘2DHeriPro (2D Material-based Tiled Network Films for Heritage Protection), the project is funded by the PRISMA Programme of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

A Glance at Physics, Ep. 12 – Novel materials in the cultural heritage protection

AUTHORS: Marija Đurić, Slobodan Bubnjević, Jovana Nikolić

RECORDING AND EDITING: Aleksandar Mijailović

PRODUCTION: Institute of Physics Belgrade, 2024

A Glance at Physics is a video series of the Institute of Physics Belgrade that illustrates projects and research conducted at the Institute in brief episodes.